You have an idea that could
change the course of your business...

Now What?

I'm a rock climber, yoga enthusiast, mom of two, and serial entrepreneur. 

I partner with solopreneurs to help them close the gap between thinking and doing by gaining clarity around their offer. Once your idea is crystal clear, we work together to develop a comprehensive roadmap that gives you the confidence to get your idea off the starting blocks and moving forward. 

Think of your Offer Roadmap as the process you guide your clients through as they interact with your offer, where each step leads them towards the result they so desperately desire.  


With your Offer Roadmap outlined, you’ll:

  • have a step-by-step guide to stay on target while getting your idea off the ground 

  • know which offer-specific priorities to focus on first

  • easily identify opportunities to engage customers at each stage of your offer

  • be able to focus on the results you want ​to help your ideal client achieve​

This kind of razor-sharp focus prevents shiny object syndrome from creeping in and

minimizes overwhelm allowing your business to grow without you venturing down 
unproductive rabbit trails. Yay!! 


Ready for that kind of clarity and action?  

P.S. When we’re done, you’ll get to stick your tongue out at your inner mean girl.

Let's be real...

 Your idea sounded AMAZING in the shower, but the more you think about it the more overwhelmed you feel about what piece comes first. Your inner mean girl starts spewing limiting beliefs that sound something like...


“You haven’t got a clue how to do this! Don’t kid yourself, sister, you can’t make this happen!”


I’m here to tell you it's time to silence your inner mean girl by taking your first step. 


Don’t know what your first step is?

Let me ask you:


  • Can you clearly explain the problem your idea solves + who it solves it for? 

  • Who and where are the people who need your solution? What are they like?

  • In a perfect world, how long would it take you to release this amazing new idea?

Got those dialed in?

Perfect, this is where I come in. 

Hi! I'm Amy. 

Not ready yet, but feel like you've hit a brick wall? Getting from point A to point B is f*cking hard when there is a brick wall staring you in the face. Am I right? Click below to access the resources you need to prepare to create your offer roadmap. 


© 2021 Amy Feierman 


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